ACT (Accept challenge and transform) FITNESS LTD is a community of people whom have embraced exercising as a lifestyle.

We coach and guide anyone who is determined to take control of their body (weight loss, bulking, toning etc.) through the use of natural food and a rigorous exercise regime. Our belief is based on adherence to two natural laws- Eat right and exercise & YOUR BODY WILL CHANGE.


ACT FITNESS was birthed from my personal struggle on a journey to self-discovery some years years ago. As a practicing lawyer in the corporate world, I was overwhelmed with work and in the process, I ignored my health, ate whatever came to mind and lived on unhealthy diets, embraced a zero-workout lifestyle, and lived with reckless abandon or consciousness of how my poor choices were harming my health.

In no time, I began to pay the price. For over a decade I struggled with intense body pain, and shortness of breath. In a bid to find the quick way out, I attempted exercising, hired a personal trainer, and searched the internet endlessly for shotgun solutions but nothing worked for me.


One cold and dreary winter morning in February 2015, my life changed.

As I tried to bend over unsuccessfully to tie my shoelaces and leave for work, my belly got in the way and my breathing became laboured.


In that moment, I felt shame.

That was the defining moment that transformed my life.


I realized that my life could be much better than what it was and made a conscious decision to register in a gym. I trained daily, changed my diet and followed that path consistently.

Today, I am healthy, happy and passionate about helping others take the bold step from poor health to good health.


It is my dream to see you experience the freedom, power and confidence that comes with being in control. This control fortifies your mind, frees your body and heals your soul in a profound way.

At ACT Fitness, we have seen many lives change – people who have discovered the power they have over their bodies. You too can, like I did, and like many others are doing. All you have to do is to accept, challenge & transform. We will be there with you every step of the way.

We have what it takes.

You have what it takes.



Mr. ActFit

Ijioma A. Ijioma (LL.B, B.L, Qualified PT)

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